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Surf the Internet securely on a web browser built-upon Firefox code
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Waterfox is an unofficial 64-bit version of Mozilla Firefox, a popular web browser. Supported by the idea that running a 64-bit program on a 64-bit operating system will make it more stable and efficient, Waterfox developers claim it is faster than Firefox.

If you have used Firefox before, there is nothing new to say about Waterfox´s interface because it looks exactly the same, except for the name in the title bar and the logo, of course. It has the same minimalist look with the same old tabs and left-upper-corner menu.

Since there is nothing to compare from the visual point of view, let us then focus on performance. From my experience, it seems that there is no noticeable difference in speed between this clone and the original. In addition, benchmarking tools show quite contradictory results; this means that nothing really supports the claim of a faster browsing experience.

I have no doubt that a browser based on a 64-bit code has a great future. However, Waterfox is dependent on Firefox releases for a code renovation, so it will always lag behind Firefox as far as new versions are concerned.

Waterfox is definitely a good browser. The question is whether it should replace Firefox. In my opinion, the average user may not notice any difference. Then, there is no reason to install another browser. My suggestion is for you to keep an eye on Waterfox and see what the future may bring.

Pedro Castro
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  • It has a portable version
  • It is easy to use
  • It is fast
  • It supports many add-ons
  • It is made specifically for 64-bit systems
  • It is robust


  • It looks just the same as Mozilla Firefox
  • It may lag behind Firefox
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